November 2017

November Brute of the Month works hard at improving herself and giving it her all.  She is dedicated to her training and has an outstanding work ethic as an employee of Brute. We want to take the time to honor Bridget Tilman-Martin​before she leaves us next month to join her Husband Codie (also former employee of Brute, now in Army Boot camp)  Bridget will be leaving us for Hawaii for Codie’s first duty station in December.   She is an All-around “Good Person”, helpful and respectful, always there for B.S.G.   We consider her Family.  Bridget always represents Brute, wears our shirts, and recommends her friends and immediately family to us.  You can tell she has great pride in being a part of the Brute Family.  
We are truly grateful for her and Proud to have her on staff and has our eternal gratitude for all she has done for us. She is special and truly deserves Brute of the Month.  We wish her well in her future endeavors and remember “Once a Brute Always a Brute “