Brute of the Month 

November 2018

Brute of the Month came to us after a long departure from the fitness world. Recovering from a major setback that left part of his forearm damaged (with no encouragement from Therapist of ever returning to lifting weights) He decided he was going to give it a shot and came into to Brute with little direction and not knowing if he could return to his former fitness abilities. He joined Brutes Powerlifting Club and since then has taken off exceeding his own expectations. Not only has he excelled in Powerlifting he now finds himself venturing into the strongman sport. Aaron Rowe is an example of what you can accomplish if you want something bad enough, work hard, listen and does not taking No as an answer. No excuses. Aaron comes in early and or stays late to help with other members in both powerlifting and strongman class. He has volunteered his time and energy for our events and reached out to area businesses on the behalf of Brute. Aaron Thank you for trusting us with your fitness goals and becoming a valued member ! Aaron Rowe