Brute of the Month 

 September 2018

How do you become Brute of the Month? 
It is Not: Just winning a contest or just being Strong. You must be a good person, helpful and respectful of other gym members and equipment. Being loud and intrusive will get you noticed but not in a positive way. We are grateful when we see you “represent” Brute by wearing our shirts, bumper sticker on your vehicle Telling your friends about us, being a Proud Brute member and if you have the time and desire to volunteer at our events.

Adam Downey fits all the above. He has brought countless members to Brute, gone out of his way not to only volunteer himself but also bringing several of his Military personnel to help at our events. They spotted, loaded and helped clean up the entire gym after several events. Several of these guys then became members 😊 

We are eternally grateful for Adam. He is a quiet guy by nature, but his actions speak loudly, and he deserves to be noticed.