Brute of the Month 

July 2018

Liz has been actively involved at Brute since the day she came to us. Volunteering for our events and always representing in Brute Gear. A Competitive Strongwoman and Powerlifter. 
Adam came to Brute via a bodybuilding back ground. Looking to gain size thru powerlifting, he also gained more “self-confidence” (his words) and Lo
ves getting stronger. He is the first one to sign up volunteering for events. (signs up before we even have a signup sheet) He stays all day working hard spotting and loading.

Both Liz and Adam are very supportive of other Brute members. Both socially active posting their Brute Workout Videos and sharing all our events. They Love Brute and want others to experience that Brute Family Feeling…

Thank you, Liz and Adam. So Glad your family is part of the Brute Family.