Brute Strength Gym’s Powerlifting Class

Head Coach/Director

Stella Krupinski

30 years’ experience-Multiple World Records – Top 5 All Time Michael Soong’s Historical Records (across all federations) in 3 weight classes.  

2017 Arnold Classic 1st place

2018 Arnold Classic 1st Place and Best Lifter

Our Powerlifting and General Strength Program is designed to help members improve their power, strength, with technical proficiency in the 3 main Lifts (Squat-Bench-Deadlift)  Each Class will be focused on strength building with auxiliary exercises to lift heavier weights as well as conditioning.


Monday (Squat) –Wednesday  (Bench) -  Thursday (Deadlift) 

*** Members will have access to Open Gym Brute Gym Membership.


Month to Month $105

3 month $284 (must be paid in full)

Year Plan $85 a month ($1020 total with a year signed contract) auto draft required. 10% savings if paid in full $918.00