Powerlifter -Bodybuilder-Team Strength Trainer - Crossfit Level 1

Squat 505lbs - Bench 305lbs -Deadlift 490lbs  
Total: 1300lbs

Multiple National &World Records
3rd Highest Total in Female Powerlifting History
9th Woman in History to Bench over 300lbs


Phoebe  Sanyer

Contact: 757-818-2075

Strongman/Strongwoman Coach Strength Program Specialist Certified Personal Trainer
Masters Degree Surgical Assisting Eastern Virginia Medical School
I train and program for all levels. Contact me for strength and sport specific programming and training. I also work with newer clients looking to lose weight and learn barbell movements

Highest Awards and Contest Placing:
1st Place LW Women Brutes Strongest Man/Woman Feb 2013
3rd Place Open Women Blueridge Mountaineer Strongman June 2013
1st Place 58kg Brutes Summer Oly Meet Aug 2013
2nd Place MPF Nationals LW/MW Women Aug 2013
2nd Place Brutes Star Spangled Strongman NAS Aug 2013 3rd Place NAS Nationals Americas Strongest Woman Lightweight Oct 2013
1st Place Old Dominion Classic (Olympic lifting) USAW 58kg
Nov 2013 Best Lifter 58kg Masters USAW Nov 2013
<150 Arnold Classic World Championship Worlds Strongest Woman Feb 2014
1st Place NOVA Summer Strongman/woman Challenge Lightweight Aug 2014
3rd Place Brutes Strongest Man/Woman Open class  January 2015
1st Place Capital Classic Strongman LWW<140 June 2015
1st Place New York's Strongest Man/Woman <165  January 2016
1st Place Heart of a Lion SPF Powerlifting <165  Feb 2016

Andre Barr






Andre Barr, of No Holds BARRed Fitness, is an ACE certified personal trainer and group instructor as well as a competitive powerlifter. He has been working as a trainer since 2014, specializing in body weight strength and conditioning, muscular strength, core stabilization, muscle building, hypertrophy and fat loss.


Andre was born in 1996 in Chicago, Illinois and has been living in Norfolk since 2004.  He attended Lake Taylor High School where he competed for the swim team.  Andre’s competitive spirit and involvement in sports began his interest in physical fitness.  At first it was competition that drove him, but over time he wanted to discover how far you can push the human body to find it’s true athleticism, raw power and optimal physical physique. Once he found this in himself, he decided to become a personal trainer. Now, he hopes to help others reach their goals, whether it be squatting 1000 lbs, running a marathon or simply getting off the couch without hurting.


Andre looks to fitness experts like Mark Bell, Bart Kwan and Matt Vincent as and the meaning they bring to fitness as inspiration and he looks to his clients for motivation.  He says, “I love reaching small milestones with a client, then seeing them progress day by day or week by week.”

Jordan Roskow



Over 5 Years Strength and Conditioning Experience

Crossfit Level 2 (CF-L2)

Gymnastics Certification

Judges Certification

Kettlebell Certification

Powerlifting Certification

Strongman Certification

Weightlifting Certification

                                Lisa Vaughan-Meer

Contact: 757-724-0488

Yoga-CrossFit-Massage Therapy-Corrective Exercise - Movement Mechanics

 II have over 15 years experience working with the human body. I am a Certified Massage Therapist, 500-hour-level Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer. I have been a life-long, multidisciplinary athlete since the age of 8. Although yoga and CrossFit are an part of my everyday fitness, I admit to being happiest when I am backpacking for days at a time, climbing the side of a rock face, or soaring in a paraglider.
I take pride every day in applying my diverse knowledge and experience to help people feel more confident in their own skin whether they be an athlete, injured, or someone just trying to crawl out from a life of being de-conditioned. I can offer comprehensive training sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and will help you find ways to reach your goals. If you’re serious about changing your habits and improving your exercise, nutrition, sleep, and overall help, together we will develop strategies to get you there.

Thomas Dillard


As a teenager I loved Physical Fitness and found myself  drawn to the Bodybuilding scene. I was the AAU Richmond Open Teenage Champion and 2nd place for the State . I went on to win  Several Bodybuilding Titles before going to  played Football for NC State as a Linebacker with a major in Health & Physical Fitness. Spent 2 years playing for the Oakland Raiders where I was injured and was paralyzed from the waist down for 6 months, although many thought I would never walk again I rehabbed myself and went on to play 2 seasons in the U.S.F.L. for the LA Express. For the Love of lifting weights I then went into Powerlifting. I am a National and 2x World Champion.