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Powerlifter -Bodybuilder-Team Strength Trainer - Personal Training and Online Programming Available


Squat 505lbs - Bench 305lbs -Deadlift 490lbs  
Total: 1300lbs

Multiple National and World Records

9th Woman in History to Bench over 300lbs Raw


2017 Arnold Classic Winner 165 Class

2018 Arnold Classic 181 Class Winner and Heavy Weight Best Lifter

Coach Jessica Mitchell

Certified by: American Council on Exercise

National USS Strongwoman Champion

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Phone: 804-815-8057

My journey with fitness really began when I was born. My mom was a fitness instructor for group aerobics and legend has it, she was benching while 8 months pregnant with me. So I pretty much grew up in the gym, and I guess you could say I’ve almost been destined to become a personal trainer—although the path to get here has not been the clearest.

Growing up I was a competitive figure skater, in my early 20s I became an avid runner, after that I started hitting the gym for the sole purpose of just trying to FINALLY be “skinny” for the first time in my life... See, even though I grew up in the gym—me and body image didn’t get along. I was a chubby, not so active kid until I started skating. As a skater, I was often told by judges I was too “big” to be good at the sport. In my 20s I would go through one health magazine after another looking for quick fix workouts and routines, getting frustrated when I wouldn’t see the results promised by doing 100 squats a day in a week…

It wasn’t until my late 20s when I discovered strength training and the sport of Strongman that I learned how to have a healthy self image, discovering that there is beauty in STRENGTH and pushing yourself to new limits. With my first real direction in strength training, I lost close to 70lbs while working my way through the sport as a beginner, and now with a little experience under my belt in Strongman, I feel ready to help encourage others to find that same strength in themselves, so they can reach their goals—no matter how big or small! Whether you’re just getting started, trying to push yourself to a new level, or want to pick up heavy sh*t like we do in Strongman—I’m excited to help you work on those goals!